Sep 7, 2008

Dick Cheney's in Chickamauga!

...or at least he will be to see the reenactment (which is Sept. 19-21). Apparently his great-grandfather fought there. Maybe he'll get involved in the action. Then maybe he'll shoot a friend in the face (oooh...that one's hard to forget). If that happened, would the Secret Service have to dress up like reenactors as well, in order to stay covert? Would they take down anyone who pretended to shoot a gun at Cheney? Would he then win? How would they check to make sure no one actually shot bullets from their muskets? The more I think about it, the more I realize that it would never happen. Too bad, really. I'd love to get in on the fun.

Here's the link to the news story.


Cheney’s great-grandfather was Capt. Sam Fletcher Cheney, born in Boscawen in Merrimack County, N.H., in 1829. He was an aide-de-camp to Col. William Sirwell, commander of the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division of the XIV Corps.

The vice president will be on hand for the opening ceremonies, according to Ed Hooper, editor and publisher of The Civil War Courier. The Courier, a national Civil War publication based in Morristown, is sponsoring the five-day event.

Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne, have spent much time learning of the career of Sam Cheney. They even commissioned a painting of the vice president’s ancestor based on a photo in Cheney family archives.

[In the portrait, Dick Cheney is standing behind Sam, scowling...or smiling. No one can quite tell.]

[That last part was my own addition. So is this one.]

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