Jan 27, 2009

Please Do Your Civic Duty

Go to http://www.readthestimulus.org/

Usually, Congress spends its happy way a few billion at a time. Sometimes, our monstrous national deficit in a given year will be as high as a few hundred billion dollars. Never, however, has it been in the trillions. This bill has gone from Keynesian stimulus (which I still don't support, but I can at least admire for what it hopes to do) to pork-laden, crap-filled, get-what-you-can-while-the-getting's-good junk. I must say, I love the American system of government and will defend it to the day I die, but I can't stand Congress and the bloviating imbeciles who get themselves elected and forego any and all responsibility to the health of the polity.

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