Jan 15, 2009

It Takes a Big Man to Admit He Was Wrong

I am that man. I was incorrect in my belief that planes don't float.

For those who have seen the news, a US Airways Airbus A320, en route from NY LaGuardia to Charlotte, hit a flock of geese. The pilot, executing a truly remarkable feat, managed to land the plane in one piece in the Hudson River. The plane, incredibly, didn't break apart.

For years, whenever I've ridden an airplane, I've guffawed over the stupid assumption that "in case of a water landing" passengers would have any chance of survival. Tubes of metal, I reasoned, don't float.

That's where I should have stopped myself for my faulty logic. Logic would dictate that tubes of metal don't fly either.

Today marks that day, that case of which they spoke, in which a water landing was necessary. I will never laugh at that part of the safety card again.

I will, however, continue to laugh at the funny guy with the cigarette who appears to hitting on the lady in the yellow dress. Dude, ladies stopped finding cigarettes sexy back when bellbottoms were the new 'thing'.

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