Sep 3, 2010

Charles Addams

If you are under the age of 50 and/or never read The New Yorker, then you've probably never heard of Charles Addams. You've almost certainly heard of his most famous cartoon, however, "The Addams Family". Apparently, he was a magnificent and witty cartoonist for many years. I just discovered him (on a tip from a friend). He's a little morbid, but that's what makes his work so enjoyable.

On another note, he was related to president John Adams, even though the last name is spelled differently. By marriage, I too am somehow related to John Adams (but I'm not exactly sure how...). Maybe we're long lost cousins. Or, maybe it's just a pipe dream.

His interest in the macabre didn't just stop at the drawing table. Though people remembered him as rather suave and friendly, not 'fiendish' at all, he married his third wife in a pet cemetery. That's right. A pet cemetery.

Interesting fellow, no?

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