Sep 20, 2013

Best Friends

A dog named Bella and an elephant named Bubbles are best friends.  This just seemed like important news to post.  I hope one doesn't squish the other on accident.

Sep 18, 2013

Poseidon (or Neptune?)

I just finished reading one of the Percy Jackson books (Mark of Athena) in preparation for the next one coming out.  Then, I was doing some reading in the Odyssey, because it's an awesome story.  It made me think of how unpleasant it would be to have a god pitted against you, especially if it were the sea god and you were, you know, on the sea, like Odysseus and his men.

So I came up with a character design for Poseidon.  He's got some barnacles, a kelp beard, and a trident that's made of pieces of an old dock.  He also has tattoos which are based on designs found in Minoan paintings.  This is not a guy you want to have mad at you.

scene and color adjustment

Sep 17, 2013

Hey, It's Been a Long Time!

Well, howdy, folks!  It's been a long time since I last blogged...I didn't realize it's been since June!  Life is crazy like that.  Before you know it, it's suddenly autumn.  We've already made a pie, watched a football game, and been all over the world since I last wrote!  From France to England to Sweden to Disney World, it's been a whirlwind two months.  Highlights include:

  • eating croissants in the Luxembourg Gardens
  • wandering random Parisian streets
  • happening upon a Mass at Notre Dame
  • driving through Devon and Somerset
  • discovering the graves of Emily's great-great-great-grandmother/father in a little churchyard in southwest England
  • enjoying the history of Bath
  • hiking in Dartmoor National Park
  • having lots of fikas with friends in Stockholm
  • eating Swedish meatballs and reindeer
  • Skansen!
  • quality time with family throughout Disney World, including a wonderful lunch with my grandma and grandpa at the Coral Reef restaurant in Epcot
  • seeing the new Be Our Guest restaurant and Fantasyland expansion

I'm happy to be back, but incredibly grateful for family, friends, and the ability to see and experience so many incredible things!

Here's the clan at Disney...what a good looking group!

And here's me, happy to be at Disney.  I love that place so much.