Mar 29, 2009

Reynard the Fox

It's been a while since I posted anything about puppets. I had been working on a triceratops puppet to match Schubert the T-Rex, but I've put that on hiatus for the time being. In its place, I've begun working on a fox puppet named Reynard. He's a takeoff of the medieval fable, which I've recently discovered and become very interested in.

Below are a few sketches that I've made of how I'd like him to look. I'm attempting a resin casting for making his eyes (it's what they do for taxidermy; I'll blog it soon), and I'm slowly getting the foam together. As per usual, I don't use patterns (which is stupid if I ever want to recreate anything, but c'est la vie). I did use a variation of my sphere tutorial. See? These things come in handy all the time.

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FisticuffDC said...

A couple of the heads I've made have turned out looking very fox like. One is actually going to be a rat when it's done (hopefully my next puppet to finish). I've toyed around with the idea of turning the other into a hare.

I'm anxious to how yours differs and excited about the eye process you're going to be using.