Apr 18, 2009

I don't usually pay attention to this kind of stuff...

...but I have been going to the gym lately, and it has happened to be during either Family Guy or American Idol. I have seen a few American Idol episodes before, and it's an interesting show. Oftentimes, however, it seems more like a bunch of prima donnas. You watch it, and you see a bunch of young and attractive people who just seem like they fit into the world of celebrity.

Then I saw Britain's Got Talent via a Drudge Report link, and all my criticisms of these sorts of shows were redeemed. It is far better than American Idol, primarily (in my humble opinion) because of its willingness to take anyone into the fold. Witness the two following videos; unexpected people with incredible talents and great stories. It's moving, because in today's world, the first judgment to come out is how something looks. These two people are not gorgeous. They are who you would see any day in a grocery store or at a movie. You pass by them and don't think at all about what may be buried beneath the exterior. But talents certainly abound in this world, hidden away, and through this show, those talents are able to be brought out into the open. The cynical can look at it as a bunch of pop culture smut, which in some way it is. However, it is also a great way to see some people that society has pushed aside push their way right back into the thick of it.

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