May 30, 2009

Up and Away!

This has been a very eventful week. We have a Supreme Court nominee to replace David Souter, Pat Fitzgerald indicted a Chicago alderman, North Korea is about to incite the Korean War Redux, and, on a more uplifting note, Disney/Pixar's Up is opening.

I haven't seen the movie, and I don't know the full plot. What I do know is that an old man wants to go on an adventure so airlifts his house out of the city by way of thousands of balloons, inadvertently carrying an adorable boy scout with him. Somewhere in there a dog named Dug (who wears a collar that vocalizes his thoughts) and a female bird named Kevin show up. It seems totally random, but, as per usual with Pixar, the reviews are outstanding.

There are a few featurettes that I've found. Enjoy!

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