Sep 3, 2009

Late, But Interesting

This week, I've been doing a lot of mindless busywork. Sometimes, I may be frustrated by that, but this week, I discovered the Federalist Society online.

Now, I know that most people have no idea what that is. I know that others will either think it's great or be horrified by it. For you who are going "eh?": the Federalist Society is an organization of conservative lawyers studying law and public policy from a (primarily) 'originalist' school of thought.

I have to say, their multimedia cache is really, really good. Just recently, they finished up their 2008 Supreme Court wrapup, in which they summarize every case that the Court decided. They also have a slew of conferences from months and years past that are very interesting. Today I learned about The Presidency and The Courts and Counterterrorism and the Obama Administration. If you are interested in law and public policy--even if you are a liberal or something else entirely, check it out. It's very informative.

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