Sep 30, 2010

Trial is Over!

And holy crap, we won.

That means my life can get back in order for a few weeks (before moving up to Michigan for another trial!).

I don't know how Assistant US Attorneys (AUSA's) do it. They are constantly in court, constantly filing motions, constantly having trials. I have two in the course of two months and feel like I'm going to melt. The worst part is how it puts your life on hold in such a frustratingly indefinite way.

However, I have been doing some stuff art-wise. I'll post the sketches that I did during the trial when I am back at work (took today off, woot). Days off do mean art for me, so today, I've been working on this little guy (work in progress):

I heart my tablet. I heart cheetahs. I heart cheetahs drawn on my tablet.

I also heart sketching things onto a colored background. I don't do it enough. Starting with a rusty, neutral pinky-brown automatically gives you a shadow palette, and you don't even need to do anything.

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