Oct 4, 2010

The Making of Jurassic Park

Remember Jurassic Park? Of course you do. I was in second grade when it came out, and I remember the buzz that it created. Everyone at school began talking about it. I, of course, was not allowed to watch it because my parents were concerned over the graphic nature of the film. It didn't matter that by that point I had watched hundreds of nature specials in which animals savagely murdered each other.

Eventually, however, the wails of my brother and me caused my parents to screen the movie themselves and then take us, with the promise that we would turn away when they told us to. It seemed like a reasonable solution (with the one exception that I could watch the lawyer get eaten off the toilet, since my friends had constantly referenced it). As expected, the movie both enthralled and terrified me. I had nightmares for weeks about velociraptors disemboweling me. Was it worth it? Absolutely. It only took a few dozen therapy sessions for me to recover.

Anyway, I just found 'The Making of Jurassic Park' on YouTube. It's really neat to see how CGI went in the early days (and Steven Spielberg's excellent 90's wardrobe). Sometimes it seems that these were CGI's golden days. Back then computers were used sparingly by directors, both because they were nervous about them and because they were cost prohibitive. Today, CGI is all too often used as a crutch: create a digital world and then your terrible story won't be as bad. Of course, that's a lie. But directors apparently think it's true.

So, without further ado, The Making of Jurassic Park:

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