Nov 2, 2010

I'm going to bed, but...

Elections, elections, elections!

Republicans take the House. That was expected. John Boehner will probably become speaker. NPR said that he is the new Speaker. That's not true, at least not until January when the new congress convenes. I thought NPR was supposed to be the intellectual station...

Democrats hold the Senate. This was a long shot for Republicans anyway. They needed to have a perfect night (like the Dems had in 2006). It didn't materialize. A shame that, in some ways, Republicans shot themselves in the foot. Harry Reid was dead in the water. Someone like Danny Tarkanian would've smashed him. He would've been a great Republican senator, too. Instead they chose Sharron Angle, it became a real race, and she (with 40% of precincts reporting at writing) lost. Mike Castle would've been a moderate, but that's about all you could expect in Delaware. Instead, it was thrown away the moment Christine O'Donnell won the primary.

Of course, looking back, Republicans wouldn't have been in this situation if George Allen hadn't been a moron in Virginia in 2006 or if Ted Stevens wouldn't've been convicted of fraud in 2008. Elections sure do have consequences!

Biggest disappointment of the night for me is that Barbara Boxer seems to have survived for another term. Someone on one of the blogs put it perfectly: now California is in a huge mess, with bankruptcy looming, a Democratic state government that will refuse the straighten itself out, and a Congress that will refuse to help them.

However, there is a huge shining light. That is Marco Rubio, Senator-elect of Florida. I'm bedazzled by him more than any politician I've seen, probably ever (nb: I never joined the crazy Obama-obsession wagon, and, frankly, I still don't understand it). Not only does Rubio have an incredible personal story, but he has solid, responsible conservative beliefs about restraining out-of-control government in a proper way. As Speaker of the Florida House, he was constantly coming up with and soliciting ideas for how to make government smaller, better, and more representative of the people. I'm a huge fan, and growing. Would I to live in Florida (and to vote for him for a higher office in a few years)!

Instead, I'm in Illinois, garbage heap of idiot politicians and voters who keep electing them. Mark Kirk seems to have beat guy-in-college-you-always-wanted-to-punch-because-of-his-cocky-egoism Alexi Ginnoulias. I guess that's good. Quinn vs. Brady has yet to be called. Lord help Illinois if it goes the same route as California--no money, no plans to cut spending, no support for raising taxes. Bankruptcy, here we come!

And with that, I bid you a fare-thee-well and adieu.

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