Dec 31, 2010

Sauerman Family Christmas Recap

I hope everyone out there had a lovely Christmas and will have a nice New Year's tonight. This Christmas was excellent, and full of family ridiculousness. I'd like to recap it briefly for you:

1. Cousin and his fiancee touching each other's faces

My cousin got engaged a few weeks ago, and in case anyone forgot, he's really into her, as evinced by the fact that they were constantly touching each others' faces all day.

2. Uncle Don being flammable

...and by the weirdness of the English language, also inflammable. He's on oxygen now, and, per his usual tradition, didn't wait to open his presents, but just kind of ripped them open, sighed, didn't thank or acknowledge anyone, and then (I think) fell asleep.

3. Grandma tried some cocktails

My grandmother is kind of loud and outrageous anyway, but on Christmas Eve, she got a few glasses of wine and some cocktails in her. "How much vodka did you say was in this?" was a question she asked quite a few times to me. It didn't really make her act that much different than her usual self, but, you know.

4. Matching pajamas!

My family is now officially owned by the Walt Disney Company, because my mom bought matching robes/pajamas for each of us. Needless to say, Christmas was even more adorable than usual this year.

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