Aug 21, 2012

I Have a Website!

One of those funny things you realize when you want to apply to artistic positions is that everyone wants links to an online portfolio.  Formerly, I had depended on a free site called Coroflot, which only kind of suited my needs.  I wanted something better.

So, I learned HTML and CSS, and a little bit of Javascript.

Well, those things have a lot to them, so it's probably more accurate to say that I learned the basics of creating a website (which was fine, since I only needed something pretty basic).  However, I now understand like 2% more of the jokes on xkcd, which is a bonus.

After coding, I bought a domain name.  Incredibly, was taken already!  Who'd have thought that there are two of us in this world?  Apparently, he's an actor, and here's his headshot:

"I am not the author of this blog, but I am an excellent actor." - Josh Sauerman (paraphrased by Josh Sauerman, reproduced without permission by Josh Sauerman, who assumes that Josh Sauerman won't mind the publicity.  If Josh Sauerman does mind, he can contact Josh Sauerman to address the issue.)

What a handsome fellow.  I'm sure he's a great guy.  With a name like that, he'd have to be.  Right??

But, he took my first choice of a website.  So I was left with few options.  I was THIS CLOSE (imagine my thumb and index finger really close together) to going with, but I decided it just wasn't worth it.  I don't want random potential employers thinking I'm British.  However, if they do think that, then I can ask Josh Sauerman (the other one) to teach me a Cockney accent.  It says that he can do it on his resume.

  You can now find my portfolio at

(I underlined the "ua" because if you don't type that in, you'll go to the actor's website.  And while I'm sure he'd appreciate the traffic, you'd be shocked to discover that I had forgone the visual arts and plunged into the world of the dramatic arts.  You would also discover that I live in Philadelphia or Boston or something.  That, however is not the case.  On a related note, I am now going to switch back to a smaller font.  Except before I do that, you need to remember to put in the "www", because if you don't, you won't be directed to my website.  There's something about static IP addresses and blah, blah, technoblah, so for whatever reason, will not direct you to my website.  Go ahead, click that link and see.  I'll still be here when you get back.  Now I'm really going to switch back to a smaller font.)

Once you find it, you will know my website, because it has a confused zebra there to greet you:

I figured, if there is any animal that fully represents me in all my complexity and nuance, it is a confused cartoon zebra.  Right??

I actually have no real connection to zebras.  I just happened to draw this one and liked it.  Though, like zebras, I will run away from charging lions.  OH WAIT, NO I WON'T.  On a similar note, look at this picture of tame zebras:

I would pay good money to ride that carriage.

So, back to the website.  You may notice that the header and links on my blog reflect the change.  It's like I'm all put-together and on top of things, which is a remarkably good feeling, mostly because it happens so rarely (virtual-hi-five to all disorganized people!).

I leave you to enjoy my new website and to watch this delightful motivational remix of Bob Ross.  Remember: "We don't make mistakes.  We just make happy little accidents."  That's the same thing I told Emily when my cat mistakenly pooped on her shirt a few months ago.

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