Sep 15, 2012

I Made A Dory!

In trying to learn how to be a better modeler, I decided to try and recreate a nice, recognizable character that doesn't have too many frills.  Dory the fish (who is totally copyrighted by Disney and Pixar, with all rights reserved) from Finding Nemo seemed like just the ticket!

So, I found some pictures of her and came up with a nice front/side modeling guide for myself, and then set about creating her, alternately in Maya and ZBrush.  About halfway through, I decided that instead of just having her with a boring closed mouth, I'd have her open her mouth in all her Dory goodness.

For a first try, it turned out pretty well!

Model Sheet that I drew up

Final render!


I like this one better:


Lila said...

This is a great "dory" can you tell me how you made it

Lila said...

Could you give me instructions for this as I am not a computer person?