Feb 12, 2013

Downton Caricatures, Round IV

Sorry, I missed last week.  But here's a bigger one than usual--the three Crawley sisters! (...a little late for the one...)

This past week it came out (pun!) that Thomas is gay, and the Downton faniverse is abuzz over how accurate it would be that Grantham would keep him on staff (and promote him?) if we were really in the 1920s.  Also, Mary still isn't pregnant and Edith is a writer, so good for her, finally (but the guy has a whole Jane Eyre undivorceable wife thing going on).

On a different note, some of you have expressed interest in purchasing these (thanks for your interest!).  Right now, none of them are for sale, but I'm hoping to figure out the legal issues surrounding selling fan art.  So, hopefully they will be available sometime soon.

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