Dec 15, 2008

Chicago Weather is Nuts

Yesterday, Chicago was met with remarkable warmth: 52 degrees at the peak. Today, I was met with -12 degree windchills and enough ice to take me a few minutes to open my car door. The weather here, once again, demonstrates its insanity. An interesting post from Tom Skilling's (WGN Weatherman) blog:

Chicago's warmest Christmas

Dear Tom,
When was Chicago's warmest Christmas?

Adam Bednarek, Dyer, Ind.
Dear Adam,
It was nearly 26 years ago in 1982 when Chicago experienced a Christmas that was warmer than most Easters. The afternoon temperature peaked at a balmy 64 degrees, twice the day's normal 32-degree high. While most Chicagoans celebrated a traditional holiday, some people were washing their cars, barbequing and even playing golf. Excited children got an unexpected chance to ride their new bikes and scooters outdoors. The very next year was payback time as the city shivered through its coldest Christmas. After a frigid Christmas Eve when the mercury dipped to minus 25, Christmas Day 1983 dawned with a low of 17 below and could only muster a high of minus 5. The back-to-back Christmases had an incredible temperature spread of 81 degrees, a true testament to Chicago's vigorous and volatile climate.

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