Dec 15, 2008

Obama Logos

I must say, though I am no huge fan of Barack Obama, I really enjoyed the graphics of his campaign. McCain's seemed so very traditional, while Obama's in some strange way seemed to speak to the 'now'. I'm a firm believer that you can't underestimate the simple power of aesthetics, especially in political campaigns. People in my generation are attracted to things that look new and modern. His team clearly spent some time trying to find a look that would suit the Obama message.

This link is to the Obama logos that didn't make the cut. I especially like the speech-bubbles, though I understand why his final choice was, in many ways, ideal. The uniqueness of his name let the 'O' make his symbol very obvious (in a way that an 'M' likely wouldn't have been for McCain), and the center being a rising sun over stripes, which both evoked the American flag and the classic agrarian life (did anyone else notice that it looks like a freshly plowed field?), was, to put it bluntly, very impressive.
That said, the Republican party needs to hire some people with eyes for aesthetics. Bold words won't cut it anymore. It didn't help either that McCain is old and white and his smiles are creepy. Even youthful supporters of his like me cringed a bit when watching him.

Also, the traditional Republican elephant is boring. It needs to be changed.

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