Aug 16, 2009

Señor Jaguar

I am working on a new puppet (fox on hold for a little while). He is a jaguar, made from the basis of the melonhead pattern from Project Puppet. I plan on coloring in his spots and whatnot once the whole body is done. Here he is thus far. I used taxidermy lion eyes for his eyes to add a little realism.

I made a nose and tongue out of Sculpey then cooked and painted them.

Here he is as of today. The next steps are the body and arms.


bacho said...

i hope a panda is next. -alex

Muhai said...

Incredible! I love seeing the process in puppet making, I am always shocked to see the thing in my lap turn from scraps of fabric into a living thing and I still have trouble believing I am responsible for it!

The finished product is really amazing, especially the coat which seems to be replicated perfectly down to the last hair!
Does modifying Project Puppet patterns usually work for you? My biggest challenge is always drafting the pattern in foam; I can't quite wrap my head around breaking a 3d head down into seemingly random 2d shapes in foam.

Keep your puppet hand strong!