Aug 6, 2009

Puppet Blog Lineup

Hello, all. I haven't been posting anything for a while because last week, I was with friends at Walt Disney World. When you are experiencing so much magic, blogging just isn't something you do.

However, now I am back, somewhat rested (since, you see, my family doesn't 'rest' at Disney, we conquer it and return more exhausted than when we left). I have been looking at a bunch of puppet blogs (some that I've known of for a while, some that I have just discovered). I thought I'd link to them for anyone who is interested. In no particular order:

Furry Puppet Blog. This blog is really, really impressive, and the website is brand new (as of, I think, two or three days ago). I don't know much about the company (and I'm using a computer without Flash 10, so I can't view it). However, take a look. They also do custom-made 'mini-me' look-alike (hyphen-hyphen) puppets, so you can send them an email and some pictures of yourself or a loved one, and they will send you a quote for the puppet. I haven't tried, so I don't know what kind of costs we're looking at.

Puppet Mart's Blog.
The blog is kind of ghetto, but it has good video links for a lot of amateur projects and for all different styles of puppetry.

James Wojtal Puppets. This guy has done a lot of work for different companies, and here is his personal blog. His most recent post of all the different characters he has done for different New York City zoos is cool; it shows off his variety.

Jarrod Boutcher Puppets.
From Australia. Very impressive. He has made his own version of Muppet characters, which look like they are straight out of one of the Muppet movies.

PuppetFix. Fisticuff Puppets, run out of Chicago (I think...though maybe out of multiple places). I honestly don't know too much about them, but I follow their blog, and I like what I see. Check out Toby the Zombie Baby; it's probably my favorite.

PuppetVision. This has been a great blog for puppetry of all styles and levels of professionalism for a while, I believe (though I've only followed it for the last six months or so). Andrew from Canada runs it (he also does, which has gone back and forth between being accessible and not). However, due to family issues, he hasn't updated it much and recently said that it will be changing a lot. I'm not sure what that means, but I wish him all the best. It's still certainly worth checking out the older posts.

I'm sure there are many, many more, but this is a short compilation of what I've seen. Feel free to send any more along!

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