Jun 22, 2010

Meeting Doodles I

Unfortunately, I work a job that has lots of meetings. Unfortunately for those meetings, they are usually long, boring, and/or pointless. To retain the bit of my soul that hasn't been sucked out by the Man, I doodle. I'm going to start posting my daily doodles, assuming I have time.

The first one is just of some random characters that were in my mind:

Today I went to court to watch a trial that's going on before a judge that we have scheduled for our trial later this summer. The lady was the witness on the stand, the guy with the cap is the defendant, and the guy in the black robe is the judge. He was holding his hand in a way that looked like he was thinking/keeping something from falling out of his nose:

I do math sometimes when I get bored. Here is some differentiation (I think I did the arctan one incorrectly...). I also wanted to eat sushi:

And here is integration by partial fraction decomposition:

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