Jun 19, 2010

This Makes Me Want to Die...

What a beautiful view...from the inside.

...of happiness. It also makes me drool. It also compels me to write heroic couplets:

To drool and yet to die. Yea, the longing
to be amongst the din with pen drawing.

What am I talking about? The tour of Pixar Animation Studios from the Pixar Blog (very delayed...backblogging!). Both of the inside (you have to look at it, since there's a picture of Nick Pitera (yes, that guy) who works at Pixar) and of the outside. They also have pictures of the new construction going up.

Oh, and additionally, Toy Story 3 just raked in $41,000,000 on opening night. Wow.

And one more thing, it scored a 99% of official reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. That gives it the second highest ranking in the history of the site behind...wait for it...Toy Story 2.

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