Jan 14, 2013

Welcome Back, Downton!

For those of you who are into Downton Abbey, you well know that season three began last week.  And what a start it was!  Matthew and Mary marry*, Cora's lame mom is in town (a little ham-handed with the new/old world disagreements, Mr. Fellowes), Lord Bob misappropriated his monies in railroads and is about to go broke.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.

We still know from interviews that (a) a baby will be born, (b) someone will die.  (c) used to be 'a couple will get married' but that seems all well and done by this point.  And last night, poor Lady Edith did not join the veritable deluge of Crawley women as blissful newlyweds, when she got jilted at the altar.  Poor, poor Lady Edith.

At the moment, Mrs. Hughes seems to be in the running for (b), with her whole breast tumor thing.  But, it may have gone away at the end of the second episode, since she told Mr. Carson it was benign.  But is she telling the truth?  Hmmm.

Buzzfeed recently had a post on "How to Host a Historically Accurate Downton Abbey Dinner Party," which is so awesome.  Now I totally want to have one.  But I think I'm the only person I know who has full white tie attire, so I'd be the only man who'd be allowed to attend.  Such a shame that white tie has gone the way of the sock garter.  Oh, well.

For a less uncomfortable way to celebrate the new season, I'm going to try and get out a weekly duo of character caricatures, one from upstairs and one from downstairs.  Of course, that means I'll probably get a new one out every three weeks or so.  But today's installment are my two favorites (in their respective spheres), the delightfully witty Dowager Countess of Grantham, played by Dame Maggie Smith (who just won a Golden Globe for her work in the series...good job, you!) and Mr. Carson the uptight but lovable butler, played by Jim Carter.

Happy watching!

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