Jul 25, 2009

This Is So Sad

When it comes to the Israeli/Palestinian Crisis, I don't know as much as I should about the conflict, but I tend to side with the Israelis on most issues (it's hard for me to find a way to support those who encourage the suicide bombing of buses full of children). However, I do know that neither side is purely in the right or free of abuses. Israel blockades Gaza for its own security; however, some unfortunate noncombatants that are affected are (beyond the women and children) the animals at the various zoos in Gaza. Beyond it being difficult to fund the feeding and upkeep of the specimens, there is the possibility of missiles raining down and killing them at any moment. Add to that the fact that they smuggle the animals in through the same tunnels that are used to funnel weapons. What it has left is a sad, sad state. Slate has an article about one zoo which, because it doesn't have $30,000 for a real zebra, paints a donkey with black stripes. They are also trying to sell their emaciated lion (for $700--less than a nice computer), since the cost for food is so high.

There are reports
that some Israeli soldiers in the past have simply shot the animals for sport (similar to what the Taliban did at the Kabul Zoo). They claimed it was because Hamas fires rockets from civilian areas. However, most of the animals were simply shot at point-blank range. It's thoughtless carnage like that which I'll never be able to understand. Maybe it's because the natural world fascinates me so much, making it difficult for me to empathize with those who don't have a fundamental respect for wild creatures, but wanton killing and the decrepit states of these animals when they are still alive is really disappointing.

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