Jan 20, 2011

Have You Seen The Google Today?

If you didn't realize, today is the day every four years that we inaugurate a new (or re-inaugurate an old) president. Because we happen to be between those four years, there isn't a new president today. However, there are many, many presidential inauguration anniversaries. The most notable being the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address ("Ask not what your country can do for you..." ring a bell?).

However, it is also the anniversary of (almost) every president's inauguration since the 1930's. So, below I post as many of the inaugurals that I could find on Youtube, beginning with the famous Kennedy address (and, as a side note, Eisenhower's and Reagan's second addresses were on Jan. 21 due to Jan. 20 falling on a Sunday):

Roosevelt 1937

Roosevelt 1941

Roosevelt 1945

Truman 1949

Eisenhower 1953

Eisenhower 1957

Johnson 1965 (not complete)

Nixon 1969

Nixon 1972

Carter 1976 (not complete)

Reagan 1981

Reagan 1985

Bush 1989

Clinton 1993

Clinton 1997

Bush 2001

Bush 2005 (I can't find a video or audio file of it...)

Obama 2009

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