Jan 18, 2011

Nurse: Revenge of the Makeup

A few nights ago, Emily's roommate, Jill, spent a night in the hospital because of [HIPAA redaction]. It wasn't fun for her, especially because there were not one, but two Ben Stiller movies to choose from. How on earth should anyone be expected to make that kind of decision when incapacitated? We watched Rick Steves' Europe instead. He was in Barcelona, which was okay, I guess. Another friend saved the day by bringing in some Us Weekly, People, and Redbook for our enjoyment. I looked through the Redbook and learned many, many things about women that I did not know (and shan't share here...buy your own copy at your local grocer and find out for yourself!)

I liked that alot.

The greatest reward of the whole experience, however, was the nurse. Her name was Anne (or something like that), and she was quite possibly the most remarkable woman I have ever seen. I mean, don't get me wrong. Helen Keller and Mother Teresa certainly had their moments, but I don't think anything could compare to Anne.

We thought she was Filipino, but that was just a guess. Her English was less than stellar (which made Jill really comfortable, being in her care and all). But those are just side notes. What really made Anne special was her sense of fashion. Imagine this: overly tanned skin, pastel pink lipstick, heavy duty mascara, and powder blue eye shade. As if that weren't enough, she had bleached blonde hair in a really strange cut that seemed like a combination of Sally Brown and this picture of Patrick Swayze with a mullet that I found. Add Mimi from The Drew Carey Show to the mix, and you can pretty much imagine how delighted we were to have gotten to know Anne.

All I can say is, Anna Wintour, look out!

*This picture does not do her justice.

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