Jul 24, 2009

Reynard Update, Part 1

Months ago, I posted about a puppet that I'm working on. Lest you think I forgot, here is an update on where I am with it. Ruefully, I've had little time to work on him lately. He has no eyes or nose or inside of his mouth, but they are all in the works, so hopefully, in a few weeks, there will be more to speak of. Here's an outline of the process that I've gone through, though.

I began, as usual, with the wedge method. I then carved a snout and a jaw out of large blocks of foam, yielding this lovely specimen:

A little more adding-on, and he began to look like a fox:

I marked which direction the fur would grow with arrows on the foam, and then I colored darker and lighter areas where different colors of fur would go. I then used Plasti Dip (as far as I'm concerned, one of the puppet-maker's best friends) to 'paint' on the lower lip that canines (and felines) have.

More to come...

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