Sep 8, 2008

Big Day for Art!


Well, September 8th is a big day for the art world. According to Wikipedia, here and here, today marks the date in 1504 that Michelangelo's David was first unveiled to the public in Florence and also the day in 1930 when the comic strip Blondie first made its debut. Now, to be sure, I can't stand Blondie (after 78 years, it ceases to be funny...of course, that's assuming that it ever was in the first place), while I am amazed by the photos I've seen of the David. I mean, consider this: Michelangelo took a chunk of marble that was discarded for its imperfections and created one of the greatest masterpieces of all time. Whoever created Blondie (Wikipedia tells me Chic Young) made a guy with weirdly long eyes who likes to eat sandwiches. That's soooo funny. Maybe I'll have a chance to visit Florence someday to see the original David. Maybe I'll live to see the day when Blondie is stripped (pun definitely intended) from the funnies. So much to hope for.

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