Sep 6, 2008

Sweet Tintype from Gettysburg

So, I'm a Civil War reenactor. It's an awesome hobby, and anyone who is interested should contact me about it--I can definitely get you connected. This year, my Dad, my cousin, and I went to the 145th Gettysburg reenactment. As per our usual M.O., we were in the North, so portrayed Confederates. Hopefully this fall we'll be able to go down to Atlanta and be Yankees. Right now I'm dealing with a pretty bad gun malfunction (1862 Richmond...I'm not too pleased with it), so I may be out for the rest of the season. If anyone has a spare (and cheap) 1853 Enfield lying around, let me know.

But, back to Gettysburg. Since it was a national, there were tons of sutlers around, and there were two guys doing ambrotypes and tintypes with all the old equipment. We got a tintype made. I think it turned out really well. See?Three pretty good looking privates from the 44th Tennessee, Co. K, no? I'm the one on the far right.

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Jv said...

That's a great shot! Where in Gettysburg did you get that made?