Sep 7, 2008

How to Make an Animation Desk, Part II

Now, once you have all your supplies, you can start the exciting and arduous process. Here's how we did it.

We sketched it out a bit at the beginning.

Next, we glued the 2" sides of the 1"x2"x3' pieces together in pairs. We clamped them together tightly and left them to dry.

A few days later, we sanded them down with the belt sander to make the glued edges smooth. We then marked which legs were which (right/left front, right/left back) and tapered them down on the table saw.

We measured out the 20"x48" piece of aspen and cut it into one 20"x30" piece and one 20"x18" piece.

Using a makeshift compass (see photo), we carefully cut out a 16 3/8" diameter circle in the center of the 20"x30" piece. We then cut out an 18" diameter circle from the 20"x18" piece.

That's the end of Part II. More coming soon.

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