Sep 29, 2008

First Court Conference

The Supreme Court had their first conference today; tomorrow there will probably be orders released. Here's a summation of what they were expected to consider (based on SCOTUSBlog's):

  • Hust v. Phillips (can a prison librarian be held personally liable for not allowing an inmate to use a binding machine for his Supreme Court brief?)
  • Kentucky v. Leach, et ux. (do police knocking on a back door for an interview violate the Fourth Amendment?)
  • The Long Island Savings Bank, FSB, et al. v. United States (is a federal common law government contract voided if it was formed based on a misrepresentation?)
  • Bussell v. United States (is it possible to convict a defendent for making a false statement when it was in response to an ambiguous government question and when the defendant believed that it was truthful?)
  • Kay v. United States (must an indictment that leaves out an element of an offense be dismissed?)
  • Wilcox v. United States, ex rel. Stoner (can an officer considered a 'person' under the Federal Claims Act be held liable as an individual for acts done in an official capacity?)
  • City and County of San Francisco, et al. v. Rodis (can police officers be held personally liable for arresting someone who employees of a store thought had passed a counterfeit bill, though the bill turned out to be genuine?)
  • Owens v. Kentucky (do police violate the Fourth Amendment by frisking someone whose companion is being arrested, based solely on that fact?)
There are a lot more (check the SCOTUS post), but these were the ones that caught my attention. We'll see what the orders are tomorrow.

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